Service Fees

Flight Reservations, per passenger:

Domestic Flights: €15

European flights: €15

Intercontinental Flights: €15

Reissues/Changes: €15

Refunds/Cancellations: €15

Hotel Reservation: €5

Plane + Hotel Reservation: €10

Tourist Package Booking: €20

Cruise Booking: €10

Rent-a-Car Reservation: €10

Personalized Holiday and Weekend Reservation: €25

Changing or canceling these reservations: €10


To these values are added any operator booking fees, mentioned in each of the available destinations.



Documentation deliveries:

Any and all documentation relating to your trip will be provided in electronic format.

If you wish to receive the documentation physically, PANORAMA VIAGENS has the right to charge €10 for deliveries in the Lisbon and Greater Lisbon area.

For other locations, in addition to the Agency's €10 fee, delivery will be made via CTT Expresso, amounts to be charged in accordance with CTT's price list, considering the recipient's location.

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